The Trailer Frame

Now we’re down to the real problem-why the whole trailer is sagging.

underside of floor – front of trailer (Jack) is at top. Everything past the wheel well (tubs) to the floor is overhang. The metal frame only went to behind wheel tub. Later models had a longer frame to accomodate the long overhang.
First order of business, take the wheel (wells)tubs off and determine the condition of them.
Both wheel tubs have been determined to be too flimsy and unable to keep out moisture and pests, so they’ve been sent off to be remade.
Tubs removed from frame – trying to organize a bit.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch we are addressing the metal frame.
A little bit of sandblasting in 100 degree heat.
Then off to my trailer repair guy to make sure there’s no hairline cracks or weak welds.
Here is what the earlier compacts frame looked like. The red lines are the wood under structure that sits on the metal frame.
Rattle canned some paint on both the wheel tubs and the frame, painted the underside of wood with latex house paint and it’s time to start putting on the wood. Wheel tubs go on next.
And then the subfloor
The subfloor was painted with gray (underside).
Notice the gray 2×4 side. It will be cut under the wheel tub before putting the skins on. It will give the trailer the correct look for the side profile. BTW- the springs are turned incorrect on the axle and this trailer is sitting too high off the ground. The previous owner changed out the axle and we haven’t addressed that part yet since we can access it better. It will have to be done at a later date.
All screw holes, seams and crevasis are puttied and sanded. Ready for the Marmoleum flooring. Covered with a heavy paper to protect from kids and grandkids etc.
Took time out for this!
Rented a roller at Home Depot. Watched YouTube on how to lay linoleum. So now I’m an expert.
But of course there’s always critics…
Flooring is finished and heavy weight paper is paced on top to protect the marmoleum. Time for some clean up.