On my way to Palm Springs

2014-02-20 06.19.44
Well, here it is Thursday morning!  Bright and early 6:00am, loaded up the car and with the help of my son-in-law got all hooked up and all lights working!


Now on the road…I’m so excited I can’t stand it!  Stop three times at the rest area and various CVS for water and signage (see the back of the camper).

2014-02-20 09.58.09  So around Stockton, CA I finally settled down and started driving.  Hit L.A. at rush hour and didn’t get to Palm Springs till about 7:00pm.  But I arrived safe and sound and look what was already in the hotel parking lot:

2014-02-21 06.19.052014-02-21 06.22.012014-02-21 06.11.49


Am I adding too many pictures in this blog?  Should I write more?

So I got all checked in at the Monroe Hotel and went next door to get some dinner.  On the way back I saw a fella that looked like the guy who asked me if I wanted to go in his place this year.  As it turned out, he came down too.  So I thought it must be him.  So I smiled and said “Hi Brad?”, Nope-not him.  Okay-I’ll just go to the room and watch some t.v.  Tommorrow we’ll be setting up and I’ll pick up Mike (my other half) and Joe at the airport to join in the fun.

So the next day I head to the Hilton and set up in the parking lot with all the other FABULOUS Travel Trailers!  



Mona Heath really did a super job getting everyone all organized and Jim and Doug her “helpers” made sure everyone was parked correctly and had electrical hookups.

I ran around and took pictures of all that I could before the storm of people came through.

I’d show you all the pics of the trailers but don’t want this just to be pictures…I’ll just throw in some highlights since you probably are tired of the



1953 Flying Cloud, Airstream (Found Brad and Susan!)


Mathew had a winning 1988 Airstream Excella!!

Mathew had a winning 1988 Airstream Excella!!


1936 Schultz Travel Trailer and a 1940 Mercury Funky Junk Farms

1936 Schultz Travel Trailer and a 1940 Mercury
Funky Junk Farms


1961 Holiday House!!

1961 Holiday House!!


Horse Trailer Funky Junk Farms!

Horse Trailer
Funky Junk Farms!


Original floor of 1956 Ford F250 Cabover Camper Funky Junk Farms

Original floor of 1956 Ford F250 Cabover Camper
Funky Junk Farms

1956 Ford F250 Cabover Camper Funky Junk Farms

1956 Ford F250
Cabover Camper
Funky Junk Farms

1948 Greyhound Bus

1948 Greyhound Bus


1949 Teardrop

1949 Teardrop

Okay, Well I don’t want to bore you with pictures let me know if you want to see the interiors. They were so awesome!!!  Had a great time with over 1500 people walking through.  We even got eight adults in our little tin can at one time!  The Docent and I had a little chuckle on how it kinda looked like a clown car with all of them coming out of that little thing!

Even got an award for showing!  My life is complete..

Awards were designed, and made and SIGNED by  STEVEOTOMIC

Awards were designed, and made and SIGNED by

2014-02-22 06.55.33




Maiden Camping Voyage!!!

Today is the day we head to Fallen Leaf Campground in South Lake Tahoe to meet up with about 23 other families from our son’s school for the Holiday weekend.

I know we’re not quite ready yet, no brakes on the trailer, awning isn’t tested yet, and don’t have the darned giant bubble recipe made up (thanks Peg)!  But damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!

2013-08-30 16.15.48


Pretty uneventful trip to the campgrounds.  I think everyone is staying home because of the fire in Yosemite.  That makes it perfect in Tahoe…less crowds!  And the smoke is worse back home than it is here!

Several people stop to ask about our camper and I get to show it off a bit.  After setting up camp, Mike and I put the awning up for the first time, and IT FITS!  YEA!  And all my worries about the door not going to be able to open without lifting the awning….no worries!!

2013-08-31 09.13.342013-08-31 11.44.13

 2013-08-31 09.32.452013-08-31 09.52.43

After a couple days of relaxing and playing in the lake, the maiden voyage comes to an end.

Bike ride to Angora Lake

Angora Lake

Angora Lake



2013-08-31 18.04.52

2013-08-31 18.04.23


Now to get the brakes hooked up…

Inside coming along nice!

Vicki just sent a picture of Joe’s progress. They received the fridge and microwave last week, and I brought in the little heater Vicki found on e-bay and I bought.  They have it over the new wave heater to hide it.  Decided to modernize it to make it comfy (and SAFE) to camp in.  This baby has to last another 67 years!  So a few more drawers, and doors, and some upholstery and THEN I get to take it for a spin….

Where too first?  Backyard camping?  Walmart?O_Dell_-_Fridge_In-942x1236

Lights for the inside

Well, tried for months to find the right lights to go inside.  E-bay-nope, Ruby Lane-nope, craigslist-nope, antique stores-nope, etsy-nope.  Either they had the wrong shape, wrong color, or only one available.

Finally found something and ordered four,

O_Dell_-_Light-937x1225And here they are, mounted to the wall with a switch attached!

I think they look perfect!

New Emblem

So there really isn’t an official camper manufacture design for the Curtis Wright Model 2 camper, so from the original advertisement on Tin Can Tourist, this label was born.  Gotta hand it to Dane B. Kustoms out of Crockett, CA, they really know how to design with paint, I think it turned out VERY nice!  (please excuse the funky photo…not really sure how to get a good picture of the stripe on the “mirror” surface…without showing everything next to the camper…HA!!).2013-05-06 13.20.43


Got busy with care for mom and haven’t been able to get to see the little camper, but Pete is keeping me posted with pictures!  Here are the latest:


cozy dining

Master bedroomStill looking for an ice box, or fridge….

Heater, and wall sconces….hmmmm