Interior Finishes

So this project is so basic. The whole camper is a minute big. It was built to be simplistic so by making it overly modern or trying to make it something its not would ruin what this camper is all about.

To keep it simple, I think the wood walls stained in an amber hue with polyurethane to seal is perfect. Flooring is marmoleum in an exact match to the original (except in sheet good not in 9″ squares). I’m keeping the original ice box and range but fixing them so they are clean and functionally safe. The gas lamp will be rewired to accept an LED light but will look like it is the original gas lamp – mantle and all.

Marmoleum sheet flooring in withered prairie

For the soft goods, I’m turning to JoAnn Fabrics but getting a commercial grade upholstery that can withstand wet bathing suits and sand. Its pricey but with the coupons 60 percent off! it is affordable and it brings the brown and teal together! Then maybe a welt around the cushion to bring in the pinks.

The curtains I tried to go for a Hawaiian print to match the new exterior which will be that teal that our vintage 1957 Chevy truck is painted. Looked everywhere online (Search is limited online because the world is quarantined due to Covid) so on Ebay I could only find a close match. I tried all sorts of formicas for the counter but all seemed to fight with the fabrics. Then I found the pink on the Panolam website. Since there’s not much countertop or table, I think It’s doable-I’m not much of a pink person. The laminate slides in the cabinets will be (white with gold/brown speckle) from a craigslist find that was a freebee – I just need to delaminate it from the counter its already on.