Trying to deconstruct without destroying!

Carefully removing appliances, lights, and then sections. Nothing makes a better template than the original. Pictures also help with remembering what that 3″ piece of wood was used for…
Kitchen cabinet finally out and in one piece!
The walls are this wonderful rustic tongue in groove pine. Underneath the original Birch is totally destroyed. Four layers of flooring, and red painted everything! But the beds are almost intact.
Here is the kitchen cabinet. It really relies on the outside walls for support so the oven side is a little loosey goosey.
OH LOOK! Original floor in the closet!
Notice the outside wall was not sitting or attached to the frame. I think we could add a few more boards and make it work!
Walls were pulled off as whole units. We will use these as templates. Frame is almost down to get it looked at to make sure its road worthy.
Here is the closet in one piece. Too bad the other side was painted red and is riddled with holes from the pine siding and add ons like extra lights, and switches to nowhere. They will have to be remade.
Kitchen cabinet face was remade and stained, drawers are sanded and stained, door face is sanded and stained.
Getting organized and working on the closet door.