At the upholsterer

2013-06-10 09.02.42Woke up early today to make the big drive to Grass Valley to meet Pete with my camper at the upholsterer.  Was told the driveway was a bit tricky and hard to back in, so I let the “pro” do it.  Got that little baby in a single car garage at an angle!  Very tricky!!

This is a picture before backing in between the boat and wall on the left, and then taking a sharp right to put in the garage.  So the boat cushions were on the work bench, and CalTrans brought in a seat to recover and then I’m next in the que!!!  Plan on going Monday to see if any progress has been made.  I was told it would take a couple weeks.  But I’ll get some pictures anyway.  Mark and Laurie from Artist Upholstery have an amazing work room!


Inside coming along nice!

Vicki just sent a picture of Joe’s progress. They received the fridge and microwave last week, and I brought in the little heater Vicki found on e-bay and I bought.  They have it over the new wave heater to hide it.  Decided to modernize it to make it comfy (and SAFE) to camp in.  This baby has to last another 67 years!  So a few more drawers, and doors, and some upholstery and THEN I get to take it for a spin….

Where too first?  Backyard camping?  Walmart?O_Dell_-_Fridge_In-942x1236


Got busy with care for mom and haven’t been able to get to see the little camper, but Pete is keeping me posted with pictures!  Here are the latest:


cozy dining

Master bedroomStill looking for an ice box, or fridge….

Heater, and wall sconces….hmmmm



Flooring is installed

Even with the flurry of trailers coming in to be restored progress continues on our little one. The flooring has been installed and the walls are finished.  Gotta wait a couple days for the floor to set up and then back at it!  Happy Easter!


Master Bedroom