What is the ice box made of?

Decided to keep the ice box original. Too many are being taken out of these old campers and destroyed. The little fridges that fit are just too small to hold anything worth keeping cool. I like portable coolers, or the marine fridges (but this camper is too simple for something so sophisticated). This camper was made with simplicity in mind, so I will use the ice box from time to time with ice in it, or use it as a cupboard to hold food.

removed ice box from kitchen cabinet and removed door. notice mold on cardboard exterior

They used staples to attach EVERYTHING-Face frame off.
icebox is encased with corrugated cardboard, then fiberglass insulation, and finally the metal interior box.
Yuck – a little mold in the upper corner of the picture
outter box dimensions
Lower half of ice box. the drainage hole needs to be connected to down pipe from upper shelve used to hold ice block. Also need to repaint white walls – I think previous owner tried to repaint with that yellow color flat house paint.
Sanded as best as I could. Top of box is painted. Notice the interior metal box is very simply made with seams that are crimped and in the corners are sealed with calk.
Finished painting inside. Notice upper area is not painted where the ice goes. The ice block is placed on that shelf and the water would loosen the paint. The ice melts and drains down the tube in the back and out the hole in the bottom(which I have to connect so there isn’t a puddle of water). Food in the ice box is stored at the bottom where the wire shelf and white bottom are located. (that’s just an FYI for the newer kids)
Instead of the fiberglass insulation, I’m replacing it with rigid insulation from Home Depot. It has an R value of about 5. Added bonus that it will help with stability. Rounding the corners with aluminum foil tape (used in HVAC ducting work).
Finally, putting on new cardboard. Using brown packing tape around all corners. This really gives it a nice finish. After sanding and air brushing that ugly brown on the door and frame pieces, they will get reattached.
Viola! I think the paint came out okay. I don’t have any special equipment to get a smooth finish, but I think it will look fine in this little bitty Shasta.
The finished interior with face frame on. I replaced the foam seal around the door with weather seal I found in the Home Depot insulation isle (BIG mistake). Its almost like double stick tape!
Close up of foam that seals the edges of the door. Gotta figure out how to make it not seal so well!!