OH! Look what Vicki and Joe found!!!


O_Dell_Futon-941x710I was real disheartened to have to rip out the back bed/sofa from the camper.  It was just a  mess with droppings from critters and dust and who knows what else and was posing a real struggle to try and save…it had to be sawed out and destroyed.  Looking at what they have now for futons…just wasn’t real thrilled with what I was finding.  But I am pretty sure I wanted the bed to fold into a couch like the original and not be stationary.

And then, look what Vicki and Joe found!  It even matches the interior walls perfectly!  My dream comes true!

I took a ride out to see what the boys were up to (okay and touch and feel everything in person…okay okay, I WAS CURIOUS ABOUT THE MIRROR CEILING!)

Joe was hard at work on the couch.  He was replacing the metal with wood (did I mention he was a master cabinet maker?), and plans on putting it up on a pedestal so that drawers could go under it and it would be a better height for a bed.  Pete of course was standing around thinking up things for everyone else to do.  Like….”So Jody, do you know what floor you want in here?  And what countertop?  We need to order that before we put in the cabinets.  We don’t want to hold things up…”  Well, huh?  I thought we were doing a Forbo flooring called Marmoleum and a stainless steel countertop.  “OH!  You don’t want stainless steel!  It scratches and shows up every little thing!  Gotta have formica with a metal edge!”

Crap!  back to my drawing board.  Pete sent me home with some samples…

a few samples of flooring and countertop

a few samples of flooring and countertop



Got busy with care for mom and haven’t been able to get to see the little camper, but Pete is keeping me posted with pictures!  Here are the latest:


cozy dining

Master bedroomStill looking for an ice box, or fridge….

Heater, and wall sconces….hmmmm



Inside coming along nice!

Vicki just sent a picture of Joe’s progress. They received the fridge and microwave last week, and I brought in the little heater Vicki found on e-bay and I bought.  They have it over the new wave heater to hide it.  Decided to modernize it to make it comfy (and SAFE) to camp in.  This baby has to last another 67 years!  So a few more drawers, and doors, and some upholstery and THEN I get to take it for a spin….

Where too first?  Backyard camping?  Walmart?O_Dell_-_Fridge_In-942x1236