Fourth of July Criterium in Davis, CA

On our way to the criterium for the day!  Of course we’re dragging along our tin can because Mike races at 9:20a and Tony races at 4:10p.  That’s a long time to sit around in a car!

2014-07-04 07.30.17

So we get to Davis about an hour early and there’s plenty of parking.  We parked on a side street (G street) just one block from the start line-how perfect is that?!  Joe and I have a little breakfast and Mike warms up.

2014-07-04 08.37.592014-07-04 09.01.19

At the race, after the ambulances cleared out, Mike placed 14th!  That’s pretty good considering he didn’t end up in one of the seven crashes!  Yeah Mike!

So we walk around town and got a subway sandwich and ate in the camper-then we go to the second hand store and get some dvds to watch (but-OH!  We’re out of time, Tony arrives with Rosa and his huge poodle.)  So Tony warms up,

2014-07-04 16.05.17

And it’s off to the race for him!  He doesn’t do quite as well, but considering there was a crash around him – he got away with just a scraped up calf and managed to finish the race.  Pretty successful race day.

2014-07-04 13.07.54

And what a fabulous place to “camp” – just realized we were in front of the movie theater-air conditioning, popcorn!  We hang out in the camper and then break camp and head home, just in time for the fireworks.  Perfect fourth of July!

Maiden Camping Voyage!!!

Today is the day we head to Fallen Leaf Campground in South Lake Tahoe to meet up with about 23 other families from our son’s school for the Holiday weekend.

I know we’re not quite ready yet, no brakes on the trailer, awning isn’t tested yet, and don’t have the darned giant bubble recipe made up (thanks Peg)!  But damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!

2013-08-30 16.15.48


Pretty uneventful trip to the campgrounds.  I think everyone is staying home because of the fire in Yosemite.  That makes it perfect in Tahoe…less crowds!  And the smoke is worse back home than it is here!

Several people stop to ask about our camper and I get to show it off a bit.  After setting up camp, Mike and I put the awning up for the first time, and IT FITS!  YEA!  And all my worries about the door not going to be able to open without lifting the awning….no worries!!

2013-08-31 09.13.342013-08-31 11.44.13

 2013-08-31 09.32.452013-08-31 09.52.43

After a couple days of relaxing and playing in the lake, the maiden voyage comes to an end.

Bike ride to Angora Lake

Angora Lake

Angora Lake



2013-08-31 18.04.52

2013-08-31 18.04.23


Now to get the brakes hooked up…

Inside coming along nice!

Vicki just sent a picture of Joe’s progress. They received the fridge and microwave last week, and I brought in the little heater Vicki found on e-bay and I bought.  They have it over the new wave heater to hide it.  Decided to modernize it to make it comfy (and SAFE) to camp in.  This baby has to last another 67 years!  So a few more drawers, and doors, and some upholstery and THEN I get to take it for a spin….

Where too first?  Backyard camping?  Walmart?O_Dell_-_Fridge_In-942x1236


Got busy with care for mom and haven’t been able to get to see the little camper, but Pete is keeping me posted with pictures!  Here are the latest:


cozy dining

Master bedroomStill looking for an ice box, or fridge….

Heater, and wall sconces….hmmmm



Flooring is installed

Even with the flurry of trailers coming in to be restored progress continues on our little one. The flooring has been installed and the walls are finished.  Gotta wait a couple days for the floor to set up and then back at it!  Happy Easter!


Master Bedroom

Planning out some Art for the walls

Of Course my little camper needs some art for the walls.  How about a little picture?  Took an afternoon to embroider and a quick trip to the thrift store for a frame.  Fits perfect!  Hope to find just the right spot in the trailer…  What do ya think?photo-15

For those of you who might like to know, I used three strands cotton embroidery floss on white linen and then dyed in onion skin bath.  Left corners were left in onion skin bath  for a little longer so that it gave it an old and damaged appearance to it.

Now on to Jerry’s tied flies!