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Hi there fellow tin can tourists, and interested wanderers.  The purpose of this blog is to chronicle our journey to restore the beauty of our vintage camper to it’s original glory. And maybe show you what to avoid!

Jody & Mike O’Dell


6 thoughts on “About the project

  1. Thank you Brad for the comment. I was surprised this little trailer made it 45 miles! But this is our first complete restoration and we’re still in the honeymoon stage, hahaha. Sure would be fun to catch you at a rally and compare notes!
    All my very best to you and Susan,
    Jody O.

  2. I just purchased this exact same Curtis Wright out of a scrap yard and trailered it back to my ranch. It’ll be a great restoration and I’ll be happy to share photos with you. I’m currently working on a 49′ Airstream Liner, so it’ll be another year till I get to this restoration. Mine has the pink (I suspect it’s a faded red, color) lower half, and the door has collapsed on the frame, but is still operable, barely. I paid a hundred bucks for it and the rancher who delivered it to the scrap yard had towed it in on its own wheels. I know of one other in Carbondale Colorado. I’m located south of Leadville, CO. There can’t be many that survived time.

  3. Could you tell me your process for staining/varnishing/etc your birch interior? I’m redoing a vintage teardrop and I’d love for my interior to have the same honey glow as yours.

  4. Starting my second trailer restoration project and would like to know if I may occasionally get in touch with you on items installed your Model two.

    I am taking delivery of Serial number 5443 Curtis Wright Model 2. She is very fixable and needs the usual TLC. I would like to talk to you about things I may need in the future, and will also get in touch with your restoration shop, until they start billing me if I call to much.! Anyhow, Please let me know what you think.

    D Ransom

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