The right lamp

Isn’t it funny how you see something from your childhood and it has such a profound effect on your day (or is that just me?).
So there was this stupid bird lamp my mom had forever.  I’ll just go out to the garage and get it from her things and it will go perfect in the trailer since it has all the right colors and is from just about the right time period.  It will look nice on the table.
But wait!  When I go out to the garage, the lamp is a newer gold stupid bird lamp!  Where’s the one I remember?  A quick call to sis and now I know it’s safe at her house.  CRAP!  Now I need it even more!

Down to three different antique stores!  Grrrr!  But wait!  There’s a statue of the birds!
2013-08-12 14.05.55So as you can tell, since they’re sitting on my counter, I bought them.  Have to find a base and a lamp shade.

My sleuth hubby (and partner in crime), found a base on e-bay that looks just like the original and had it shipped! done.2013-09-04 20.55.41

Gotta get the wiring post/neck/whatever and it has to be old and it has to fit the lamp.  Bent would be nice…but not mandatory.  So Mike talks with a guy at a store called Light Bulbs Plus on Auburn Blvd.  (why can’t it be closer…).  So off I go to light bulbs plus to find pieces and parts!  When I get there, I’m told they don’t have anything like that!  WHAT?!  So I stand around and hmmm and haw….
The guy waits on two other customers…I’m still standing there…
I ask him if there’s anyplace else I could try.  He tells me he’ll look in the back.
Out he comes with a box of old parts and yes, there were two rods that had threaded ends already on there.  They’d have to be bent, but they would fit perfect even after bending (I bought both just in case…learning curve and all…).  He musta caught my enthusiasm because he waited on a few more people and then went and got another box of sockets and caps, all very old that came off other lamps.  Found one that fit my rod perfect and matched in patina to look very old.  PERFECT!  There’s $3.00 well spent!

2013-09-04 20.56.22

Now for the wire.  Back to the internet…
EBay!  Found Vintage Wire Supply!  Talked with Tim who immediately shipped out 8′ of twisted cloth wire to me, and I had it within a few days!140

So after a trip to home depot to find a conduit bender, Mike and I were out in the garage bending the rod to the right shape (remember he has broken ribs) so we had to find just the right persuasion tools to bend the little 12″ pipe.

Long story short, (okay, not really) Mike has put it all together for me and I’m so pleased with the result!  I can hardly believe it isn’t the actual one I grew up with.  2013-09-04 20.58.23

I asked Mike what he remembered growing up with.  He mentioned a red ship with a clock on the side.
What is that one thing you remember as you grew up?

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