The Awning

So remember way back when I drove to Woodson Bridge to pick up my vintage awning that Marti Domyancic (Marti’s Awnings)made for me?  Almost a year and a half ago!  Well, Midnight Mass really got me enthused and had me thinking I could put the track up myself!  With our big Memorial day weekend just around the corner, I’m hoping I can have an awning on it while we camp.  So according to the internet (and you KNOW the internet doesn’t lie!), I needed some butyl tape (whatever that is!) and some silicone caulk.  I ordered the rail from someplace in Indiana who promptly shipped it.  So I’ve got that part.  Over the weekend we go to Camping World in Roseville.  Found some butyl tape (better get two packs of that stuff…), but not the silicone…oh well, on to Sportsmans Warehouse (OH WOW!!!  They have EVERYTHING!).  So about $250 later (let’s see there’s a porta potty…gotta have one of those, and then the bags to do your duty in…and the cast iron dutch oven-not sure what that’s used for…need some marshmallow tongs that extend…better get some of them plastic wheel chocks, and a level stick, had to tryout all the chairs) we finally had all we needed to get away from it all!

Back at home the project begins to get the awning rail installed.  Cesar, my son in law came over to help Mike (who broke three ribs just before Midnight Mass)install the new rail.  First they made a template of the curve of the camper using plywood.  Then they attempt to bend the C channel track by heating with a propane torch (that’s what it said on the internet).  But of course the curve is too great for the track to bend enough.  So they resort to clipping and screwing it down.

2013-08-29 08.17.36


Okay, that didn’t look good.  Internet lied.  Time to call a professional.  Talked Harps RV service in Penryn and asked if they’d do it for me.  They said they could do it in about three weeks.  They were moving from one facility to another and had a few too many rigs as it was.  “AWWWWwwwwwwww!”.  But then, he was more than happy to walk me through it.  Said I needed butyl tape (check!), and some C channel (check!).  But not the dull kind, I need the shiny kind (there’s a difference?).  Said the dull kind will show up real bad on my shiny camper and I’d have to look for some shiny aluminum so it will blend with the camper.  And don’t install it on the side, install it on the top because there isn’t enough room on the side for the awning to hang properly. (YIKES!  the top? Okay…)  Told me to call if I ran into any problems.  WOW!  Great place, and I didn’t even have to go there!  So I find some shiny aluminum C channel here in CA and order that, and it’s here within a minute.  Mike calls in the troops and we get the butyl tape on, and C channel down, but the dark prevents us from doing much else.  Have to wait for tommorrow to remove excess butyl tape from it and get it ready for camping!  Looks pretty good.  And it really does blend!

2013-08-28 19.38.582013-08-28 19.56.372013-08-28 20.11.06

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