So excited to be on the cover of Vintage Camper Trailers!  Paul Lacitinola really puts himself out there to run his publication and promote Vintage Trailers.  Thanks Paul!

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  1. Hello and congratulations on making the cover of Vintage Trailers magazine. You have a beauty and I am sure you have worked hard to bring ‘er up to such shine, etc. I have a question I hope you can help with. I was willed a circa 1950 Little Caesar ‘canned ham’ trailer. Like yours, it has just the two wheels which are rotted and flatter than ever! I’m trying to get the trailer ‘towed’ or flat-bedded aboard a towing truck 8 miles down the highway to my home. When the fella arrived at my folks’ home, the guy could not get his truck close enough to the space and pointed out that he could not even chain and pull it onto his rig as the bottom appeared to be dropped out of it. Rather than really get under there to have a look (at least with a flashlight), we both just went home. But, I went back later as I felt sure the floor was in good shape inside the trailer. We ventured into the trailer and found the floor as solid as can be and in great condition considering its age – along with everything else, cupboards, upholstery, bed, fixtures – even including the wee sink/drain catch. All original, as this is a one-owner trailer. Anyway, in looking at the bottom of the trailer more closely, it looks like there is a natural bend in the bottom metalwork just under the sink/stove area which looks like it is very close to the ground when the tires are utterly flat. I think it is a space designed into the bottom in order to accommodate the water tank and perhaps a propane tank since the little stove is above this deeper part of the bottom. I wonder if you could tell me if your trailer’s bottom goes straight across or if there is one part that dips lower than the rest of the bottom metalwork? I’d be so grateful. As it is now, a tire man (with mobile service) has two tires which will fit (as the tire size for this Caesar is 670154 & obsolete) & he collects vintage trailers and cars. He is going to have a look at the trailer this weekend and if it looks worthwhile, he is going to replace the tires/wheels and then arrange a favor from the tow-company to roll the trailer on its new wheels onto the rig to be able to drive it home. Meanwhile, the real estate agent is hopping mad about the trailer still being on the property as her open house is Sunday. I have worked so hard on this effort and am afraid my tyrannical older brother will just send the junkers out to destroy and haul away this sweet beauty. Thanks for any insight you may have about this part of the bottom metal plate which hangs lower than the rest on completely flat/worn/rotten tires. Julie ~

    • Hey Julie! Nope, mine doesn’t have that part. I’ll put you in contact with someone who might know about that. Good luck with your move and Happy Trails!

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