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So, I’m browsing and not sure how I ended up on this one.  Maybe I was looking for a “cheap” pop-up camper for our next school wide camping adventure in Lake Tahoe during the  Holiday.  Or maybe it was fate…but WHO in their right mind would pay $1,000 for a piece of crap like this!?  It’s amazing the suckers you’ll find on craigslist!

What is a Curtis Wright camper anyway, and WHY would he think it’s worth $1,000 in THAT condition?!

So I researched… and found info on: Tin Can Tourist (

Curtis Wright moved to LA from Michigan before the war to start a manufacturing plant in the 40’s.  He took advantage of the famous Curtiss Wright (notice an extra “s”) who designed and manufactured aircraft for the war effort.  There is no documented relation between the two.

Curtis Wright also manufactured aircraft parts during the war but enjoyed putting together camping trailers with leftover aluminum.  He manufactured only two models at that time, the Model 5 (luxury), came in 22′, 27′, and 31′ lengths, and the Model 2 (Trail-R-Pal) came in the 16′ length (ball to bumper).

advertisementThe war ended and Wright Industries hired a man named Wally Byam to help with the construction and design of the campers.  Wally was hired for his innovative design ideas.  He had his own trailer company before the war and manufactured Clipper and Silver Cloud models of campers.  He stayed with Wright for about a year, and then in 1947 started his own company and called it “Airstream”.  Mr Wright continued to make campers but in 1949 sold his business and it was renamed “Silver Streak” and moved to El Monte, CA.  They were in business till the 1970’s.

It is also said that there are only 7 Curtis Wright Model 2’s known to still exist.  One was owned by Howard Hughes and he gave it to his girl friend to use to come visit him while he was traveling.  That one is in Montana (see Blue Moon Caravans on Facebook).  And another one was just restored up in Bend Oregon by Flytecamp.  So CUTE!  But I’m not sure about this one for sale on Craigslist…It’s pretty rough….not worth $1,000.  So I only casually mention it to my other half.

But he surprises me and tells me he thinks we could restore it together and take it for little trips like his bike races, and overnights…

So we should go take a look and see if it’s as bad as “all that”…….hmmmmm

I set up an appointment…


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