Woodland Midnight Mass

Just got back from Woodland and have recovered sufficiently to start planning my next adventure!

2013-07-27 16.49.35

Okay! NOT sure about this one!!

2013-07-27 20.52.17

untouched, all original!!!

2013-07-27 20.51.36

Paint on this one is AMAZING!! I’d definitely go to this guy for painting!

2013-07-27 20.34.16

Wish I could get the interior shot of this one, but you could probably see it on VintageCampertrailers.com. ALL original! Outside has been rebuilt and looks flawless! Perfect!

2013-07-27 20.31.53

Don’t you love the vintage tow they’re using?

2013-07-27 20.28.19

Here’s one of the guys that fix all these vintage ones. Tim said this one is the one that he hasn’t fixed the outside yet, but it’s ready for paint and I’m looking forward to seeing it in perfect shape. The interior has been completely fixed to original. Including the starburst countertop and table to match original cabinet faces. Tim is so clever!

2013-07-27 20.28.00

This one was also featured on Vintagecampertrailers.com. John has carefully maintained all original including awning and poles. The car with it’s “air conditioner” is the only one I’ve ever seen!

But let me tell you about the weekend!  HUNDREDS of vintage cars, rat rods, and “doesn’t fit in either category” vehicles.  Several thousand people and a fabulous place to just sit and watch!  I snapped a few pictures of the vintage campers but the crowd was pretty intense and hard to get good pics.

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