curtains for the trailer

So today I hung the curtains…many times!  You’d think by now I’d KNOW how to hang them!  Years making them, years in the design industry, and pretty handy with tools!  So WHY do they always look crookedy?  One end is always lower than the other?

And then OH!!!  (trailer needs to be level for the level to WORK!) Such a rooky mistake!  I can’t believe I did that!  Must be the 108 degree heat!  Does anyone else work in this kind of heat?  So here they are.  Now I have to put the hooks onto the tiebacks and mount them.  And find an anchor for the bottom of the back curtain.  Well, you’ll see…

Here’s a peek:

2013-07-23 07.56.42I’ll get closeups after they are complete but Artist Upholstery even made little rod covers for them so that you won’t see the white curtain rod when opened.

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