Today is the day!!

Can you believe it?  After two long years, our little camper is finally campable.

We drove to Nevada City for a 1:00p appointment to pick it up.  It was a beautiful and warm day, even in the sierra’s.  When we arrived there she sat waiting to go home.  This was Mike’s first time seeing her since we dropped it off to get polished.

Mike telling Pete how comfy the cushions are

Mike telling Pete how comfy the cushions are


We all got in and looked around.  The cushions looked amazing!  The curtains will need to be hung when I get home.

Pete says the outside should be shined up before I show it.  So I’ll have to go get some “mother’s” aluminum polish and a rag.  That’s what Pete suggested.

Airstream wagon circle

Airstream wagon circle


Here are three of the many Airstreams that Pete and his gang are working on.  I bet they’re glad to have ours done!

So we just walked around and gathered our “stuff”.  Oh!  Here’s our awning, and there’s our trailer jacks,  have you seen our heater cover?  I think those were on the frame, think we’ll need those?

After collecting some loose ends…oh the spare….is over there….

We jumped in the “tow vehicle” (I can say that now, cuz we have something to tow!)

Pete presented us with our photo album, and off we went…Bye Sierra Trailer…

2013-07-19 13.58.15ok…well, you might think that’s where it ends, but we did make a circle around the block and came back and played some more with the wiring to the outside lights.  After another hour and a half, we just decided not to hook up the left turn lights.  We’ll just make right turns.  And an hour later we pulled into the drive!  Mike backed it up like he’d done it a million times, and it fit just right in our new pad next to the house.

2013-07-19 17.04.45



2013-07-19 17.05.202013-07-19 17.05.00

Now we’ll get those brakes and lights working and hang the curtains, polish the outside, hang the awning, add some pictures, and a few other things to get ready for our shake down cruise!  Stand by for adventures!

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