Upholstery Check

Today my good friend Nancy from Michigan was with me and we went over to see if there was any progress on the cushions.

There was lots of activity going on in the workroom, and they were setting up for the little camper!  Mark let me know that he’d have it done by this Friday!!!  We go on a week long vacation on Sunday.  Wonder how that will work out…OOOooooohhhhh I can’t waaaait!

2013-06-17 10.15.56

So Nancy wanted to see the camper, and I don’t know why the boys are all complaining about the height…Nancy doesn’t have a problem with it either!

2013-06-17 10.18.23

So we left there, and had a great time walking around the sprawling metropolis of Grass Valley, and then FINALLY, I got to go to the restaurant I’ve passed a million times.  The one Pete recommended for lunch called “Lefty’s” in Nevada City.  It was a fabulous lunch   dining outside next to the river.  Fabulous food, Fabulous friend!  Thanks for going with me Nancy!!!

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