At the upholsterer

2013-06-10 09.02.42Woke up early today to make the big drive to Grass Valley to meet Pete with my camper at the upholsterer.  Was told the driveway was a bit tricky and hard to back in, so I let the “pro” do it.  Got that little baby in a single car garage at an angle!  Very tricky!!

This is a picture before backing in between the boat and wall on the left, and then taking a sharp right to put in the garage.  So the boat cushions were on the work bench, and CalTrans brought in a seat to recover and then I’m next in the que!!!  Plan on going Monday to see if any progress has been made.  I was told it would take a couple weeks.  But I’ll get some pictures anyway.  Mark and Laurie from Artist Upholstery have an amazing work room!


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