heading for the polisher!

Today we have an appointment to get our little baby polished.  So we all got up early, jumped in the car and headed for Grass Valley to pickup our camper.  What a gorgeous (but cold) day for a ride.  Arrived in Nevada City..lots of people packing up for the weekend and mounting skis on their car.  Quite a bit of snow on the ground too!  At Sierra Restoration had some problem with the lights not working on the camper.  the connection is set up as a four pin, flat connector (like the vintage ones had), but ours is a round 6 pin, so we have an adaptor.  Hmmm, left light doesn’t want to go off…



After about an hour playing with the lights, decided it was time to just go the way it was and hope we don’t get pulled off the road.  Joe, meantime rolled his first snowman with nothing more than bare hands and blue jeans.  He was glad to get in the car where it was warm and let his hand warm up and pants dry out.

Arrived at Gonzalez Polishing in Corning, CA a couple hours later. photo-9 Mike was happy it was little and said he’d take real good care of it.  Debbie thought it a good idea for us to be there Tuesday morning, because she had some big trucks coming in.  Said goodbye to our baby and agreed to pick it up on Tuesday.

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