Down to the Frame!!

1946 Curtis Wright Model 2 - Frame is ready for restoration

With a lot of vacuuming and some elbow grease, the bed is pulled off and the aluminum under belly is the last to go.  We are finally down to the frame!  Still can’t get the jack to lower, will have to use a flat bed to get it to the fabricator to make sure it’s a good stable frame, fix a small crack, put on a new ball hitch and yes, fix that stupid jack!  Spent the rest of the weekend cleaning up and re-stacking the deconstruction debris.  Stacked the camper walls, and ceiling in the garage.

Looks like a “flat Stanley” camper!

So Monday off we go to the fabricator!  Flat bed driver is a little late, but takes no time to get the frame up on his tow truck and it’s a quick drive to the fabricator.  I mentioned the original long trip home to him and he informed me that the other driver told him all about the unstable ride and was worried because he was out of tie down straps!  Wow!  My camper is ALREADY EPIC!!!

So here we are at Marv’s and Tim is taking notes as to what we want done with this rusty old trailer.  I think he’s wondering why we don’t just build a new one with better material that is lighter weight and stronger…  But I think he finally gets that we want to keep it vintage and true to original.  He talks about getting a ball hitch that is like the 40’s hitch and not one of the newer ones (he has one of those!), and said he’d look at the wheel and bearings and fix the crack and the jack, but couldn’t do much till it gets sandblasted because it’s just too rusty to see all the problems it might have.  So we make a note that Tim will fix it up so we can pull it behind the car (with a temporary permit of course), to get it to the sandblaster and then back to Tim for the rest of the fabrication and then back to the sandblaster to get painted!  Shhheeeeesh!

So this is going to give me some time to do some planning and searching for pieces for the inside!

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