Waiting is up!

Got the call from Sierra, It’s our turn!!!  So excited!  Pete says he needs the trailer so I called around to find a way to move the little trailer.  DMV says, since it’s not registered, can’t give me a day pass to move it on the road so it has to be lifted off the road to be moved.  Four movers quoted me about $300, but Penski, who couldn’t rent me just the car trailer (had to have one of their trucks to go with it) asked me how much a fix-it ticket would be. Hmmm!?  Got the hint!  So a quick trip to Kragen for tow lights, and a trip to Tony’s house to retrieve our table saw and presto!  it’s ready to be towed!  Stay tuned to find out if a police man was in my way!  HA!

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