Getting Dirty

1946 Curtis Wright - Fist up - remove the bed

master bedroom

So today we  ripped out the rotted, mouse dropping infested, bed in the back of the trailer.  I originally thought we could reuse the frame since it was made of hardwoods and was in pretty good condition.  But after an hour of struggle and breathing fine dust particles, that thought was abandoned and the power tools came out.  Sawed it in half and struggled some more, and then we finally were the victors!  Shop vac’d all the loose dirt and disintegrated wood and…the master bedroom restoration was underway!

kitchen area

Then we loosened the inside strap holding the wall on.  Everything was stable but looked a little scary.  We proceeded to take apart the cabinets, closet, icebox, and walls.  I cleaned with the vacuum often and by the end of the weekend it looked pretty empty.   We’d have to call it quits till the next weekend.

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