Still hope for an original interior

So, after a few months of sulking over the cooktop I’ve started looking for a replacement.  Sure would be nice to have that little Caloric back to original.  After several emails, phone calls and web browsing….got a call back from “Buckeye Appliance” in Stockton, CA.

Tom tells me there’s still hope!  Maybe, if they didn’t sandblast, the emblem is still under the powdercoat!  And if it isn’t, AND I have a GOOD picture, MAYBE he knows of someone who is good with making a new one in porcelain!!!

So I load my mom in the car along with all the bits and pieces of the cooktop and off to Stockton we go!  When we got there, Tom, Josh and Darcy were there.  Their store on Freemont is like a vintage mecca!!!  Stacks of vintage tableclothes in perfect condition, aprons, door knobs, green milk glass everything, and oh yes, appliances from the 1800’s potbelly thru the 60’s.  So I showed them what I had and they all gathered around and gave their opinions.  Took the photos I had of the original, and talked about it some more.  They said it won’t be quick but can be done.  So I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping they can revive my little Caloric no.18.  (sniffle, sniffle)

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