The Little Stove Story

As with all vintage campers the decision has to be made whether to keep it totally original or to modernize.  Such is the case with this one.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to reuse the rusted, non working, two burner cooktop.  That’s why I bought the Princess oven stove combo and fixed it up.  Now I’m rethinking that decision.

So, I brought my little cooktop down to “Perfect It Powdercoating” in Sacramento the same time the frame went in.  I explained that it needed to be painted and asked that they NOT touch the front where the emblem was.  He clearly marked it on the form.  But when I went down to pick up the frame and cooktop, everything had been powdercoated flat black!!!  My heart sunk.  (no pictures…)

It was clearly marked, but some egghead either doesn’t read English or didn’t bother to look.  My loss.  Steve at “Perfect It Powdercoating” said he’ll make it right.  He sent it back through and they painted the burners shiney black and the front shiney white.  Okay, still doesn’t cheer me up but nothing can be done now since it’s been sandblasted off.  Guess it’s back to plan A (using the Princess).

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