Frame is done!!!

So what do you think?  Marv’s trailers did a pretty great job on the little frame.  New axil, (notice no leaf spring anymore), new brakes, a little more bracing to withstand higher speeds, and that stupid jack is replaced with one that will work!  Thanks Tim for a beautiful job.  And thanks again for repairing the bent jack after I learned that the wheel on the jack is supposed to be removed after raising all the way.  A quick trip to powdercoating and voila!….


2 thoughts on “Frame is done!!!

  1. We are sure happy we found your website. We just came home Saturday with our own Curtis Wright! The title says 1948 but we wonder about that. Ours also is a Model 2 and VIN 5499. We were excited the metal tag was still on the trailer. We are looking at a complete rebuild also. Unfortunately, our trailer was stripped of everything so will have to build new. We restored and sold a 1955 Hobbyline and currently have a 1958 Siesta about half done. Plan to keep the Curtis Wright. Also have an original 1946 teardrop trailer built by American Trailer Co., in CA. Thanks for posting all the great pictures. Will get ours up online once the demo starts.

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