Trip to the Hanger

Mike can do anything!  But shared his concern that he didn’t want the exterior of the camper to look like a circus mirror!  So he contacted a professional who was willing to do the work and not charge extra for our help!  So today when our aluminum came in, it was a quick trip to the U-Haul dealer for a 14′ truck, loaded the flat pieces of our Camper into it and with some creative tie downs, a ride to an “airport hanger” (thought it best to leave this location undisclosed to protect the innocent).  Unloaded the  pieces of our Curtis, then a trip into Sacramento to Cardo Industries to load the new metal.  (sorry all you people who were driving down El Camino at rush hour that I blocked off while loading up the u-haul!).  More fancy tie-down techniques employed….a rush hour traffic trip back to the hanger and unloaded the new metal.  Ryan was very helpful and efficient at unloading it (but then, he didn’t have cars whizzing past him!).  A chat with Ryan who will be doing the riveting for us put our minds at ease that the professionals are in control here!  Looks like the construction is underway!!!!

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