Our Adventure begins!

What a find!!!





So here we go!  Saturday November 5th 2011 we went to Dixon, CA to take a look at the craigslist find.
It was love at first sight.  Such a “wonderful” find.  The owner, Billy D., told us it had sat there on the farm for the past 40 years, originally used as a spare bedroom for visiting relatives.  Over time it had fallen into disrepair and grandpa was always going to fix it up but the farm and then ill health kept him from the task.  So it was left right there, waiting for us to find it!  This was the day we were going to get started.  After calling the tow, and having lunch, and sitting and chatting, and waiting, and waiting, the tow truck arrived.  He seemed on a tight schedule and loaded the little camper on his flat bed without too much worry.
With a quick check of the tie downs, off he went.  First around the crated peppers hitting ruts and rocks.  As he passed he slowed down (I thought to check his cargo but) just enough to ask Billy if any of the vintage muscle cars were for sale.  But with the answer, the driver continued down the dirt road to get to the gravel road, to get to the asphalt road…bumping and turning without a care.  YIKES!

We jumped in our car and caught up with him on the asphalt road because he had pulled off to make sure everything was still secure.  I guess he noticed a few things falling off?

But with a few more straps and his pager going off, he jumped back in his cab and in a hail of black smoke pulled back onto the road.  We finally reached the main highway and had 36 more miles to go!  I could hold my breath that long…

dining room

ice box and master closet

gourmet kitchen

Down the highway at full speed, debris flying everywhere.  Kinda glad to see all that extra dust and dirt was being left behind, but worried something important was being lost!  Our little camper was leaning a bit more than when we first laid eyes on it.  And with each good bump, another screw popped off.  Lower and lower to the flat bed our camper was inching.  Fourty minutes later we were pulling into the driveway and I could breath a sigh of relief.  At least we made it home..

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