The Good, The Bad, The VERY Bad!

So first, a few pictures:

Door step in solid working order-needs some clean up. Inside doorway is solid-very good sign. Definately needs new floor.
The Dining area with original curtains and upholstery: Will try to save what I can, but wood is very rotted and ceiling is non existent. Notice the yellow table to the right! It fits into the wall and folds out either full size or half size. Something Holiday House is known for.
The Kitchen complete! Not sure anything is usable but its all there!!
Ummmm Yuck!!!
Here’s a recap
Here’s the bed-it should fold up to a couch, need to rectify. The window on the left is out but they still have the frame.
ceiling issues
Looks like they ripped out the cabinet with the refrigerator and heater.
Bathroom with full size porcelain toilet. Really and truly gag! Sink is plastic and has large hole in it.
shower is somewhat intact but so small probably could use the space more efficiently without it.
Wow! It even has the on demand heater. Wonder what I could use this for-these are known for their leaking problems.
Comes with all its emblems too!
Linda is looking in and laughing probably wondering what in the world I was thinking!

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