Our little princess gets a make-over

Now it’s time to start on the little stove oven combination my daughter and I picked up off Craigslist in NV.  Ahhh what a drive that was.  A gorgeous day for a drive in the mountains!  Mike, always looking out for my well being thought it was dangerous for me to go alone, so my daughter went with me (guess he doesn’t know how much more dangerous THAT could be!).  So Ali and I took the hour and a half trip and found the trailer park that “Jim” was at.  The little Princess oven/stove came out of a ’52 Aljo but I thought it would be fine for my 1946.  So we paid him and he was overjoyed he sold it and wanted to throw in a ’79 brown full size oven for free…. Ummm no thank you…  We were so far out of range for civilization,  we passed a guy with his boxers down around his ankles, relieving himself in the street.  Just keep driving….. Finally, a Cabelos!  We stopped to have lunch and then another quick hour and a half and we were home.

Oh so today Mike and I pulled the little thing apart.  Doing a complete rebuild on the Princess.  Need to order some new insulation and a few other parts from Antique Gas Stoves (they have amazing units on their website, they laughed when I asked if they’d do mine for me…but it was a nice laugh, so I’ll throw them some business anyway).  Need a sandblaster.  Guess they’re about as expensive to buy as it is to have done.  Guess I’ll buy one so I can use up some of my spare time!

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