Ordering Wheels

Met with Mike and Tony for lunch today and went into Sacramento to Cardo Industries.  Walked into an aluminum enthusiasts mecca!  All kinds of bent and twisted aluminum in various sizes and thicknesses.  Some had patterns and some were colored and oh!  There was another area where there was all kinds of huge machines that looked like they could really do some damage!  Mike and Tony were busy talking with Curtis…  We mentioned that we were restoring a Curtis Wright and he laughed and said he’d heard of them….  Really?  Really?  How badly does he need our business that he’d say he heard of this obscure camper?  Okay, and then he pulled out an ORIGINAL brochure!  Unbelievable!!  So Curtis (one S) got our attention!!!  More than willing to share his expertise and help us out by offering suggestions.  It was a fabulous visit with Curtis.  Great sense of humor and very helpful!!!
Then we hit the Vintage Ford store in Sacramento.  If you’ve never been there and love cars, you’ve GOT to go.  It’s like a museum and has everything you’re looking for (and not looking for).  Plenty of stuff to drool on!  In the showroom they have various car frames, and body parts…   Makes you want to get your screwdriver out right there, sit on the floor, and put one together!  OH!!!  back to my project….

So we ordered some wheels.

 after wheelAlmost out of time so a quick trip over to Marv’s to check on our trailer which still doesn’t have much done to it.  Gave Tim the measurements on the wheels we just ordered so he can order the axle.  Guess our play time was done.  Back to work…

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