Fallen Leaf Lake!

Can’t believe it’s August already!  Has it really been a whole year since we first drove you home from the shop?!

This is our yearly pilgrimage to South Lake Tahoe’s Fallen Leaf Lake to be with all our friends from Joe’s school.  Mike is racing his bike in another town so Joe and I are driving down with the camper by ourselves.  We’re getting a lot of looks and many thumbs up!

I decided to stop for a bite to eat before making camp, but with the dog, who likes to bark as soon as we’re out of site, Joe stays behind.

When I get the food and start heading for the car…two guys are circling the rig and I’m a little nervous with my 12 year old all by himself in there!  “Hi Fellas” I say (ready to fight)-to my surprise-they’re curious about the vintage camper.  Want to know all about it-they LOVE old cars and never saw a vintage camper like this one! (of course they were looking at the camper-not the barky dog or the germy kid!).  So we chat awhile and they look at the inside and invite us to their camp when we hit the park, but night is starting to fall and we still have to get there and set up!  So off we go.

We pull into Fallen Leaf.  We get our pamphlets and signage and head on in looking for our spot.  Twilight is already here and we better get going!  As we turn down our lane, there is a huge 32′ fifth wheel trying to get into its spot and one person already waiting.  So we pull in and wait behind them.  Before I know it, 7 people are asking me questions outside my truck window.  Okay, I get out and give them the grand tour (I love this!).  So after about a 15 minute show and tell, I’m the one holding up traffic!  I shoo everyone away and continue around to park.  GREAT-my parking pad is about 8′ wide (Curtis Wright is 7′) and there is a tree on both sides.

80x53So as gracefully as I can, I back that little sucker in there!  Thanks to our neighbor (his name just happens to be Curtis!) I had some direction because Joe ran off with his little friends leaving me to park!  After leveling it and jacking all sides, I put up the awning and made camp.  It’s 7:30p and I’m just eating dinner- I love summer.

Mike meets up with us the next day after his race.  The next two days are full of friends, food, and fun.camping copycamp

We only had one incident where Joe fell off his bike and got a concussion.  A quick trip to the local emergency room for a check, met some wonderful caring staff and then back to the camp.  It’s the beginning of the school year, and end of the summer.  I sure hope I’ll get out again for some camping before the winter hits!


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