Here we go to another race adventure!

This weekend we’re actually going to camp for the race in Modesto, CA!  It’s sponsored by the Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association and sounds like it should be…Yawn…very exciting!  That’s why I made reservations for camping nearby at Caswell Memorial State Park in Ripon.  On the map it looks very woodsy and is right next to the Stanislaus River!  Sounds so picturesque.

Just over an hour drive away…had to pass Lodi, which was having a big Wine Festival!  That woulda been LOTS more fun!!!  We arrive at the park, and we can pick any open spot we want!  That’s kinda a cool way to do it!  So four times around the place and we finally decided on the one closest to the entry…okay, whatever…

but it was real easy to set up on, nice big parking spot, and great fire pit, no one around us (well except for the park rangers!).

2014-05-17 14.39.48 But we set up camp pretty quick and scouted the new digs.  LOTS of people carrying rafts and tire tubes to the river-there’s only about a 20′ X 10′ sand beach to “lounge” on.  Kinda crowded, guess thats why most locals brought float devices…not sure where they’re floating away too but guess it’s a good thing because there sure are ALOT of them.  So back up at camp mosquitos are biting but a little spray and all is good.  Guess its that time of year for box elder bugs too because there’s zillions of them, but I don’t mind them…much….

Time for some relaxing, Joe and I watch “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in the camper, Mike is checking out the sky through his eyelids on a lawn chair, and joins us for the last few minutes.

2014-05-18 09.46.21

Time for dinner and instead of having the pasta dinner I planned, we decide to head for town and see whats going on there.  The little Italian diner is closed, Mike doesn’t want to have “Pizza Legs” tomorrow, so that leaves Subway!  Nice dinner and back to camp.  Time to build a fire and what a BEAUTIFUL night.  I took a picture but it turned out all black..but the stars were shining and it was very clear.  We made some of the most amazing smores!  Mike read the Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and it was time for lights out.  What a PERFECT day!

Morning awakes us and it’s time for Mike to get ready for the race.  Some oatmeal and blueberries and toast and coffee.  He mixes his goop and goo in all the right bottles and pouches, and pumps just the right amount of air in the tires.  Puts on his sexy leotard, I mean bike tights…and off he goes!  Joe and I stay behind because there really isn’t anything to watch this time.  The race loop is too large and not much to see.

So we watch Spiderman instead since our allergies are bothering us a bit (did I mention we have allergies to grass and trees?).  We munch our way through the fruits and veggies, and Mike is back after the movie full of stories of his own.  He stayed in the front pack, but there was a pretty large crash toward the end and most of the front pack went down, including him.  But he got back up and finished and still felt pretty good.  Others didn’t fair quite so well with the ambulance taking away three of the riders, and one…Mike got a chuckle out of, hollered “cut me Adrian!” as he struggled to get back on his broken bike with a face full of blood.  Still, Mike placed 19th even with the fall so I think he was a big winner today!  Way to go baby!  Time for lunch.

And then it’s time to pack it in and head home.  Sunday dinner with the kids all coming over…


What a perfect weekend!


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