Maiden Voyage to a Bike Race!!

It’s been three years, but we’re finally gonna bring OUR TIN CAN to a Bike race!

We got an adjustable ball hitch for Mike’s truck, and I’ve loaded the camper with healthy snackage and pillows and blankets, and a movie or two for Joe who is suffering with allergies.

So off we go!  Golden State Race Series Criterium in Rancho Cordova, CA!  We snuggle in for a long drive of 10 miles and then, found a perfect spot to park and set up.  Mike gets warmed up for his race and Joe is hanging in there with his allergies! 2014-05-03 09.43.33

Then Tony arrives with his doggie but no leash, so:

2014-05-03 13.49.22

We leashed them together.  How pathetic do they look!?

And it’s Tony’s turn to warm up for his race:

2014-05-03 13.31.14 Everyone finished they’re race!  Joe and I watched a movie and ate lunch.  Fun was had by ALL!

But were we done?  Of course not!  This is a two day race (aren’t they all…).  This one is a Circuit Race for those of you who are following along.

So Sunday, back we go all refreshed with new snacks and bottles full of goo and packages of squishy stuff for energy…see…this is why I don’t race a bike…

This time we link up with Team Folsom Bike and find an even BETTER spot to set up!  We can watch the race from inside the camper and have the whole parking lot to ourselves or walk to the start/finish line just one block away!

2014-05-04 09.40.27 So this time, Mike warms up with some of the team and they discuss strategy.

Joe and I catch another movie, have lunch, stroll around and look at some of the vendors, talk with other doggie owners and have a great time!  This is the life!  It’s like camping and if you feel like it, you can go watch a bike race!  SWEET!

Oh and Mike placed 15th overall for both days…And Tony had his personal best too even with an eventful start and crazy finish!



2 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage to a Bike Race!!

    • Thanks Wayne! It was definitely an improvement over sitting in the car or waiting around in the rain.

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