First race of the season and no place to rest!

Well, after the Palm Springs road trip Mike decided to trade in his Mercedes and get a truck to tow the little trailer.  So off he went and got this AWESOME Ford 150:

2014-04-24 07.32.09

So here we are the day before the Wente Vineyard Road Race!  Decided to bring the camper and stay the night before in it and then we won’t have to wake up so early to drive to the race.  Go to hook it up and…..HUGE disappointment!  The ball hitch is to high to tow the little trailer somewhat level.  It tips too far backward and the drain pipe in the back will be hitting the ground on each bump!  Plan “B” – just bring pop up tent and make do…

2014-04-26 09.45.59temperature is freezing and wind is bad (as recorded by the windmills all around us!), and the highway is about twenty feet behind us.  Sure wishing I had the camper!

Glad to be home!  And then it hit me….Why didn’t we take my car to pull the trailer?  DOH!!!!

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