The Display Board

Gotta have a display board on the outside of the trailer when I’m showing it (since only a couple people fit in it at a time…nice to have someplace else to see it-and in case your claustrophobic!).

So off I go looking for a nice easel that isn’t too expensive…CRAIGSLIST!  (isn’t that what got me into this whole thing?)

So I find the perfect one!  It’s ALUMINUM and one town away AND $15!!

Now to get the samples to put on the board.  Flooring.  Gotta get a sample of what the original was (the piece I saved got lost during the reconstruction).  So I’ve had a starving artist-student recreate the floor from the photo of the original.  It looks absolutely perfect!


Off to Kinkos with the pdf of the floor, and some pictures of the reconstruction.  Some foam core board, some mat board, lots of glue and a little piece of the original fabric saved from that nasty back gaucho…

and voila!

2014-03-06 13.20.30


so of course there’s the problem of transporting….

took the cardboard I bought the foam core board in and a little duct tape….and presto!

2014-03-06 13.21.44

Now I think I’m ready for Modernism Week!   I can’t WAAaaaaaait!!!!!!!

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