What’s inside the wall?

Well, today we got the door wall on the saw horses and started taking it apart.  This was an early model 2 made by Wally B. and I think he was still experimenting with materials.  Three walls were constructed with aluminum exterior and furniture grade cardboard interior.  Lots of bracing too!  The door wall was the strongest wall with the trade mark airstream double walled aluminum.  Coincidently its also the only wall that stood the test of time.  But with a complete rebuild like this one, it had to be taken apart, inspected and rebuilt.  So Mike, Tony and I armed with screwdrivers, and other various implements of destruction, carefully pulled apart the two sides.

It was amazing to see the insulation still intact, and the aluminum still very shiney.  This wall had aluminum bracing in it!  That explains why it was so solid!  Looking at the later model 2’s, it appears that Wally changed the design and started building them with all four walls double sided! And of course the roof is double sided.  We’ll be changing ours to the double sided so it will be sturdy and strong for another 100 years!


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