Sacramento Car Show

This is the weekend for the big car show that I promised Paul Lacitinola of , I’d be available for.  Even though I haven’t actually taken the camper out on my own…I think I can do it.  Paul wants us there on Thursday to set up between 9:00-11:00am.  I plan on being there early because of traffic it’s better to be early and have the extra time to fart around if you need it..

Mike is taking Joe to school so I don’t have that worry.  Thank you Hun!  I have the camper all hooked up and ready to go by 8:30am.  Making sure to have all my silly display items too…and then…OH!  Maybe I should decorate for Halloween!  So back in the house I go to collect more junk!  Okay,  I think I’m ready.

Off I go!  Down highway 50 to Sacramento.  WOW!  What an easy tow it is!  So light!  And with the added brake assist-you don’t even notice your towing anything.  So I make it to the State Fairgrounds and whadda ya know but Paul pulls in right in front of me!  Easy!  Just follow him in, and around, and down, and …hmmmm…..wonder if HE knows where he’s going…he does a u-turn….nope!  He’s lost too!

We eventually find our way down the sidewalk to the front of building 3 (not an easy task with all the vendors set up and barricades already in place).

2013-10-17 09.33.32

1962 DeVille-Paul Lacitinola

2013-10-17 09.33.25

1946 Curtis Wright-on the sidewalk

So after using a little persuasion on the entry doors, we pulled in and positioned our “rigs”.  Then along comes the Spartan Manor and we make the place SHINE!

2013-10-17 10.59.11

Shiny Vintage Trailers

Halloween Ready!

Halloween Ready!

Here is where I thought I might ad some other photos of cool cars at this HUGE show that encompassed the entire fairgrounds!


Joe's Favorite! (well, in this building....)

Joe’s Favorite! (well, in this building….)

2013-10-19 18.14.322013-10-19 18.32.44

Has a matching camper!

Has a matching camper!


2013-10-19 18.11.062013-10-19 17.50.132013-10-19 17.49.37Okay, well, you get the idea!  I was a kid in a candy shop!  So much fun!  Thanks Paul for inviting us!

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