Almost Camping

Here we are on yet another weekend.  Mike is a little too busy to go camping, and I think it would be a perfect time.

This is my FOURTH attempt!  First time, the ball hitch was too short to hook to my vehicle (because of the spare tire attached to the back)-had to get a trailer hitch extender, second time Mike had the ball for the hitch in his trunk at work, and third time, after getting it all hooked up, realized the electrical hookup was about four inches short of plugging into the  connection on my car-had to redo the electrical wires to reach.

So, I’m a little gun shy of planning to go camping on my own again.  Maybe Walmart!  So I let everyone know, I’m going to Walmart to camp!  Lot’s of encouragement from friends.  But when Mike drives me over to see if it’s possible…

2013-10-12 09.02.45so, I improvised and overcame, side yard camping it is!

Mike made some popcorn on the fire pit in the backyard

2013-10-12 19.29.55then we watched JAWS the movie on a portable device, and went to sleep in the camper in the side yard!

SOOO much FUN!!!!


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