Maiden Voyage to a Bike Race!!

It’s been three years, but we’re finally gonna bring OUR TIN CAN to a Bike race!

We got an adjustable ball hitch for Mike’s truck, and I’ve loaded the camper with healthy snackage and pillows and blankets, and a movie or two for Joe who is suffering with allergies.

So off we go!  Golden State Race Series Criterium in Rancho Cordova, CA!  We snuggle in for a long drive of 10 miles and then, found a perfect spot to park and set up.  Mike gets warmed up for his race and Joe is hanging in there with his allergies! 2014-05-03 09.43.33

Then Tony arrives with his doggie but no leash, so:

2014-05-03 13.49.22

We leashed them together.  How pathetic do they look!?

And it’s Tony’s turn to warm up for his race:

2014-05-03 13.31.14 Everyone finished they’re race!  Joe and I watched a movie and ate lunch.  Fun was had by ALL!

But were we done?  Of course not!  This is a two day race (aren’t they all…).  This one is a Circuit Race for those of you who are following along.

So Sunday, back we go all refreshed with new snacks and bottles full of goo and packages of squishy stuff for energy…see…this is why I don’t race a bike…

This time we link up with Team Folsom Bike and find an even BETTER spot to set up!  We can watch the race from inside the camper and have the whole parking lot to ourselves or walk to the start/finish line just one block away!

2014-05-04 09.40.27 So this time, Mike warms up with some of the team and they discuss strategy.

Joe and I catch another movie, have lunch, stroll around and look at some of the vendors, talk with other doggie owners and have a great time!  This is the life!  It’s like camping and if you feel like it, you can go watch a bike race!  SWEET!

Oh and Mike placed 15th overall for both days…And Tony had his personal best too even with an eventful start and crazy finish!



On my way to Palm Springs

2014-02-20 06.19.44
Well, here it is Thursday morning!  Bright and early 6:00am, loaded up the car and with the help of my son-in-law got all hooked up and all lights working!


Now on the road…I’m so excited I can’t stand it!  Stop three times at the rest area and various CVS for water and signage (see the back of the camper).

2014-02-20 09.58.09  So around Stockton, CA I finally settled down and started driving.  Hit L.A. at rush hour and didn’t get to Palm Springs till about 7:00pm.  But I arrived safe and sound and look what was already in the hotel parking lot:

2014-02-21 06.19.052014-02-21 06.22.012014-02-21 06.11.49


Am I adding too many pictures in this blog?  Should I write more?

So I got all checked in at the Monroe Hotel and went next door to get some dinner.  On the way back I saw a fella that looked like the guy who asked me if I wanted to go in his place this year.  As it turned out, he came down too.  So I thought it must be him.  So I smiled and said “Hi Brad?”, Nope-not him.  Okay-I’ll just go to the room and watch some t.v.  Tommorrow we’ll be setting up and I’ll pick up Mike (my other half) and Joe at the airport to join in the fun.

So the next day I head to the Hilton and set up in the parking lot with all the other FABULOUS Travel Trailers!  



Mona Heath really did a super job getting everyone all organized and Jim and Doug her “helpers” made sure everyone was parked correctly and had electrical hookups.

I ran around and took pictures of all that I could before the storm of people came through.

I’d show you all the pics of the trailers but don’t want this just to be pictures…I’ll just throw in some highlights since you probably are tired of the



1953 Flying Cloud, Airstream (Found Brad and Susan!)


Mathew had a winning 1988 Airstream Excella!!

Mathew had a winning 1988 Airstream Excella!!


1936 Schultz Travel Trailer and a 1940 Mercury Funky Junk Farms

1936 Schultz Travel Trailer and a 1940 Mercury
Funky Junk Farms


1961 Holiday House!!

1961 Holiday House!!


Horse Trailer Funky Junk Farms!

Horse Trailer
Funky Junk Farms!


Original floor of 1956 Ford F250 Cabover Camper Funky Junk Farms

Original floor of 1956 Ford F250 Cabover Camper
Funky Junk Farms

1956 Ford F250 Cabover Camper Funky Junk Farms

1956 Ford F250
Cabover Camper
Funky Junk Farms

1948 Greyhound Bus

1948 Greyhound Bus


1949 Teardrop

1949 Teardrop

Okay, Well I don’t want to bore you with pictures let me know if you want to see the interiors. They were so awesome!!!  Had a great time with over 1500 people walking through.  We even got eight adults in our little tin can at one time!  The Docent and I had a little chuckle on how it kinda looked like a clown car with all of them coming out of that little thing!

Even got an award for showing!  My life is complete..

Awards were designed, and made and SIGNED by  STEVEOTOMIC

Awards were designed, and made and SIGNED by

2014-02-22 06.55.33




The Display Board

Gotta have a display board on the outside of the trailer when I’m showing it (since only a couple people fit in it at a time…nice to have someplace else to see it-and in case your claustrophobic!).

So off I go looking for a nice easel that isn’t too expensive…CRAIGSLIST!  (isn’t that what got me into this whole thing?)

So I find the perfect one!  It’s ALUMINUM and one town away AND $15!!

Now to get the samples to put on the board.  Flooring.  Gotta get a sample of what the original was (the piece I saved got lost during the reconstruction).  So I’ve had a starving artist-student recreate the floor from the photo of the original.  It looks absolutely perfect!


Off to Kinkos with the pdf of the floor, and some pictures of the reconstruction.  Some foam core board, some mat board, lots of glue and a little piece of the original fabric saved from that nasty back gaucho…

and voila!

2014-03-06 13.20.30


so of course there’s the problem of transporting….

took the cardboard I bought the foam core board in and a little duct tape….and presto!

2014-03-06 13.21.44

Now I think I’m ready for Modernism Week!   I can’t WAAaaaaaait!!!!!!!

Ready for Santa!

2013-12-31 20.40.59Got the pink flamingo going on!  Thanks Mike!



Also got the Gingerbread house finished!  Time to eat it!

2013-12-22 20.50.202013-12-22 20.50.472013-12-22 20.51.01-12013-12-22 20.51.522013-12-22 22.05.31Okay, I think that’s enough photos.  So I posted it in the Sacramento Craigslist:

1946 Curtis Wright Camper, Canned Ham. 14″ ball to bumper
The Good: I have fixed up the outside of this vintage camper with new Oreo wheels, frame has been recently painted in candy cane stripe, comes with original tattoo fruit roll up awning, new propane tanks made from juju beans, inside lighting works fine.
The Bad: No stove, no sink, no fridge, no bathroom. Has a few leaks, take a look at the pictures.
This is a vintage camper and needs TLC! If your hungry, this camper isn’t for you!
Sold As Is, Where Is. Will NOT ship overseas. Camper is too unstable to tow and I would recommend flat bed. More pictures upon request.

Got a lot of great responses:

“Does this price include the ice cream cone Christmas tree?”

“ROFLMAO!!! I have a facebook page where I gather ads I find on Craigslist all over the US and post them, all vintage campers. Your ad was cracking me UP!!! Merry Christmas!! Lol”

“The price is great but I haven’t driven a trailer in snow before.  Too bad.”


Two days later it got taken down, apparently Scrooge surfs Craigslist…


Palm Springs Here we come!!!

Oh my goodness!  I can’t believe it!  Had an internet friend refer my name to the people organizing the Modernism Week (

or on Facebook:        Thanks Brad!!

So a few e-mails back and forth and WE’RE IN!!!  It will be held Feb 21-23, in the Hilton Hotel Parking lot.  So I guess I better get the polisher out and start now!

Awards designed by Steve Cambronne

Awards designed by Steve Cambronne

These are awards they’ll be giving out.  They’re designed by Steve Cambronne, see!  Wonder if we’ll get one?!  I can’t hardly waaaaait!!!


Woodland Midnight Mass

Just got back from Woodland and have recovered sufficiently to start planning my next adventure!

2013-07-27 16.49.35

Okay! NOT sure about this one!!

2013-07-27 20.52.17

untouched, all original!!!

2013-07-27 20.51.36

Paint on this one is AMAZING!! I’d definitely go to this guy for painting!

2013-07-27 20.34.16

Wish I could get the interior shot of this one, but you could probably see it on ALL original! Outside has been rebuilt and looks flawless! Perfect!

2013-07-27 20.31.53

Don’t you love the vintage tow they’re using?

2013-07-27 20.28.19

Here’s one of the guys that fix all these vintage ones. Tim said this one is the one that he hasn’t fixed the outside yet, but it’s ready for paint and I’m looking forward to seeing it in perfect shape. The interior has been completely fixed to original. Including the starburst countertop and table to match original cabinet faces. Tim is so clever!

2013-07-27 20.28.00

This one was also featured on John has carefully maintained all original including awning and poles. The car with it’s “air conditioner” is the only one I’ve ever seen!

But let me tell you about the weekend!  HUNDREDS of vintage cars, rat rods, and “doesn’t fit in either category” vehicles.  Several thousand people and a fabulous place to just sit and watch!  I snapped a few pictures of the vintage campers but the crowd was pretty intense and hard to get good pics.

Today is the day!!

Can you believe it?  After two long years, our little camper is finally campable.

We drove to Nevada City for a 1:00p appointment to pick it up.  It was a beautiful and warm day, even in the sierra’s.  When we arrived there she sat waiting to go home.  This was Mike’s first time seeing her since we dropped it off to get polished.

Mike telling Pete how comfy the cushions are

Mike telling Pete how comfy the cushions are


We all got in and looked around.  The cushions looked amazing!  The curtains will need to be hung when I get home.

Pete says the outside should be shined up before I show it.  So I’ll have to go get some “mother’s” aluminum polish and a rag.  That’s what Pete suggested.

Airstream wagon circle

Airstream wagon circle


Here are three of the many Airstreams that Pete and his gang are working on.  I bet they’re glad to have ours done!

So we just walked around and gathered our “stuff”.  Oh!  Here’s our awning, and there’s our trailer jacks,  have you seen our heater cover?  I think those were on the frame, think we’ll need those?

After collecting some loose ends…oh the spare….is over there….

We jumped in the “tow vehicle” (I can say that now, cuz we have something to tow!)

Pete presented us with our photo album, and off we went…Bye Sierra Trailer…

2013-07-19 13.58.15ok…well, you might think that’s where it ends, but we did make a circle around the block and came back and played some more with the wiring to the outside lights.  After another hour and a half, we just decided not to hook up the left turn lights.  We’ll just make right turns.  And an hour later we pulled into the drive!  Mike backed it up like he’d done it a million times, and it fit just right in our new pad next to the house.

2013-07-19 17.04.45



2013-07-19 17.05.202013-07-19 17.05.00

Now we’ll get those brakes and lights working and hang the curtains, polish the outside, hang the awning, add some pictures, and a few other things to get ready for our shake down cruise!  Stand by for adventures!


So today I called the DMV to find out if they’ve received my application for a Year of Manufacture plate.  Remember Eddy?

They tell me that they received it May 20th…ummm….a MONTH after sending it in?!  Okay, well anyway, still don’t have it….so they’re working on them right now, and it looks like there aren’t any problems with the application.  So maybe give it another two weeks to receive the “OK” in the mail, and then I can put the plate on the camper… (News flash…it’s already there! LOL)

Love the DMV!


I LOVE craigslist!  You see the most interesting things here!craigslist

So, I’m browsing and not sure how I ended up on this one.  Maybe I was looking for a “cheap” pop-up camper for our next school wide camping adventure in Lake Tahoe during the  Holiday.  Or maybe it was fate…but WHO in their right mind would pay $1,000 for a piece of crap like this!?  It’s amazing the suckers you’ll find on craigslist!

What is a Curtis Wright camper anyway, and WHY would he think it’s worth $1,000 in THAT condition?!

So I researched… and found info on: Tin Can Tourist (

Curtis Wright moved to LA from Michigan before the war to start a manufacturing plant in the 40’s.  He took advantage of the famous Curtiss Wright (notice an extra “s”) who designed and manufactured aircraft for the war effort.  There is no documented relation between the two.

Curtis Wright also manufactured aircraft parts during the war but enjoyed putting together camping trailers with leftover aluminum.  He manufactured only two models at that time, the Model 5 (luxury), came in 22′, 27′, and 31′ lengths, and the Model 2 (Trail-R-Pal) came in the 16′ length (ball to bumper).

advertisementThe war ended and Wright Industries hired a man named Wally Byam to help with the construction and design of the campers.  Wally was hired for his innovative design ideas.  He had his own trailer company before the war and manufactured Clipper and Silver Cloud models of campers.  He stayed with Wright for about a year, and then in 1947 started his own company and called it “Airstream”.  Mr Wright continued to make campers but in 1949 sold his business and it was renamed “Silver Streak” and moved to El Monte, CA.  They were in business till the 1970’s.

It is also said that there are only 7 Curtis Wright Model 2’s known to still exist.  One was owned by Howard Hughes and he gave it to his girl friend to use to come visit him while he was traveling.  That one is in Montana (see Blue Moon Caravans on Facebook).  And another one was just restored up in Bend Oregon by Flytecamp.  So CUTE!  But I’m not sure about this one for sale on Craigslist…It’s pretty rough….not worth $1,000.  So I only casually mention it to my other half.

But he surprises me and tells me he thinks we could restore it together and take it for little trips like his bike races, and overnights…

So we should go take a look and see if it’s as bad as “all that”…….hmmmmm

I set up an appointment…